PDF Guide

Download the PDF Set-UP Guide if you prefer a handy printout.

Connecting the cables

Setting up your Kilobaser is easy.

Cable setup

You need

  • the included power supply
  • the included touchscreen
    • with included HDMI to mini-HDMI cable
    • with included USB-C to USB-A cable
  • an argon gas supply (not included)
  • an optional gas exhaust connection or filter (not included or required)
  • an optional RJ45 cable if you require a network connection (not included or required)

Connect the included cables at the correct locations, then continue to “Switching On”.

Connect the power supply to Kilobaser before connecting the power supply to the wall outlet.

Switching On


Simply press the button on the front once and wait until the device has booted successfully

To switch Kilobaser off, press the button again and wait until the blinking stops.

Synthesis and Inserting the Cartridge

Once you start your first synthesis, follow the instructions on the display about inserting your first cartridge in the spot shown above.

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